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Have you ever thought about building your own house?

Have you ever thought about applying for planning permission to build your dream house?

Chances are, we spend more time at home than almost anywhere else. You might even be sitting at your home right now while reading this article.

Many people are looking to build their own home. There are many great reasons to take this into your own hands, as modern builders make their homes smaller and lower spec than ever before. Having control of the process is a positive and affirming experience where you can:

  • Decide the size of the rooms yourself
  • Control the plans and how they look
  • Use the materials that you want

Take the control

But it isn’t just a case of being able to start building from scratch – you need the help of an architect to get the planning permission you need. The answer to the issues of the mass home builders is to take control of the process yourself. Your dream home can be a reality. And it is easier to achieve then you might think.

All you need is to start in the right place – with a highly creative architect. These are the professionals that deal with planning permission day in, day out. These are the people that will take your dream home and bring it within touching distance. These are the people that will help you get planning permission for a new build house quicker and easier.

Start now to build your dream house

The whole process begins with your architect that will look at what you want your home to look like. They will have the expertise to design you a beautiful home and the experience to know if there are any planning restrictions in your area.

It is important to take any planning considerations into account when designing your dream new home that will fit well with the area you are planning to build in. They will look at what you can and can’t build, and come up with a design that suits all your needs.

Develop your design for your new build house

The plans for your new home will be delivered after a survey of the location where it is to be built. Once the site has been visited and assessed, then the planning drawings to get planning permission for your  new build house can be produced. Your planning drawings will take all of the planning considerations into account and indicate how your new house can fit within the context

Once this has been looked at, a final decision will be made based on any changes you want to have made to the plans. When you are happy with the proposed plans, then they will be finalised and submitted to your council for approval.

Prepare your planning application for your new build house

With home building at a low level there is a positive attitude from the decision-makers when you put in a well-researched planning permission proposal. That does not mean that any old proposal will get through, just that a quality proposal will be looked at with sympathetic eyes.

So a high quality set of plans that have been fully researched and agreed will be a great way to start the process. It will also save time and money at a later date because fewer changes will be needed.

Alterations hold up the planning permission process and cost time and money. Getting this right from the start makes big savings.

Planning permission is all about doing the hard work at the start of the process to save extra work at the end. Once you have obtained permission, then all you will want to do is get on with the build. Quality detailed plans allow this to happen.

Mr Ufuk Bahar, the founder of Urbanist Architecture: “You need to work with architects who know planning world inside and out, so they can identify opportunities, overcome objections and package an application with a high success rate. Planning Permission is one critical part of your project. Whether we’re talking design ideas, planning strategies or property investment, your architects should be on the same page.”

Submit your planning application to build your own home

Each local council will have their set of requirements that must be completed fully when submitting a planning application. You need the help of someone who has been through the process before in order to make this process as efficient as possible.

You want your paperwork in order first time so that you do not experience any unnecessary delays. Once you have decided to build your own home, then you will want to get started as soon as possible. Any delays will just frustrate you.

Chase up your planning officers

An experienced architect won’t submit an application to get planning permission for a new build house and then hope for the best. They will monitor the applications they submit and keep in touch with your officers to ensure it is successful.

If any changes are needed then they will speak to the right people to make sure that any requested changes are viable and agreed. It is by being on top of the process from start to finish that a quality architect can see your project through.

Celebrate your success

Once the local council has given permission, then it is time to start the build. You will need to tender for your project to identify and qualify the best builders who can turn your ideas into fruition.

Because your builders will have access to the construction and tender drawings, and they will able to build to the instructions given by your architect.

Once again, getting this right at the start will save a lot of time, effort and money at the end of the process.


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