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A report out today by peer-to-peer lending platform Kuflink that was conducted in the first week of May and questioned 1,100 investors from across the country, shows that nearly a third of UK investors are planning to invest their money in to a traditional asset class such as property during the coming financial year.

Their research indicated that up to nine million investors turn to property investments in times of economic woe due to it being perceived as a safer option than other investment classes.

This news comes despite the fallout from last years Brexit vote, when many property funds in the UK temporarily stopped investors from cashing-in their holdings after thousands of investors ran for cover after the European Union referendum result.

Tarlochan Garcha, the chief executive of Kuflink, was quoted as saying: “The EU referendum has set in motion a number of political and economic shifts that are inevitably impacting the way the UK’s investors think and act.” However he went on to say that he had “great faith” in the resilience and strength of the UK property market.

Several investment experts have however questioned whether investing large amounts of money in property is wise given the current economic and political climates. One of the benefits of investing in property though is it is not correlated to equities and bonds, meaning it is good from a diversification perspective.

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